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The Hangzhou electronic information exhibition stall number rises dramatically fiery
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]

Seven month's Hangzhou, just when midsummer, 2008 Chinese Hangzhou electronic information exposition's stall number once rose dramatically, was similar to the summer day the scorching sun stays at a high level. Up to sending a manuscript, this session of eif stall number has surpassed a Hangzhou peaceful exhibition hall available location number, partial exhibition region plan to two buildings. Hangzhou's electronic manufacturer tight assurance main house gate mouth's exhibition, registers enthusiastically the participation. At present, Hangzhou stall number already nearly 200, and the very major part's manufacturer is 07 session of exhibition business, like Alibaba, and when advantage, the East correspond, hundred rich Hualong and so on. Moreover, this exhibition not only obtains this city manufacturer welcome, also receives Jiangsu Province Kunshanshi manufacturer the favor. The most recent news, the Mt. Kun electron manufacturer comes the group 150 stall's group exhibiting groups Hangzhou. 

Taiwan large-scale To be listed Qimeidian, the indanthrene electrical machinery, the solid latitude electron, the link prosperous science and technology, the good fortune subelectron, the friend good group, the fresh Xin group continued unfold eif'08 to start the new session of Taiwanese businessman registration upsurge immediately, Taiwan expense electronics industry, the communication and information 3C domain famous business Jin Renbao the group have also been scheduled 20 locations, at the appointed time, Jin Renbao the group will harbor with in geographic name business exchange interaction docking anticipation, took along the newest research and development high tech product to come Hangzhou to display. Taiwanese businessman's positive participation, highlighted 2008 Chinese Hangzhou electronic information exposition to take the two sides across the Taiwan Strait electrical machinery electronics industry exchange platform the characteristic.

Meanwhile, this exhibition everywhere customers invite the project also enters the attacking a fortified position stage. Taiwan area electrical machinery electronics industry country's and so on Trade association and US, Italy, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, India Coherent units establish the customer invites the cooperative project execution to be smooth. The Japanese Software Bank (Soft Bank) organizes the important enterprise customers will roll will plan Hang Guanzhan and the purchase. India Communication equipment Manufacturer Association (TEMA) will also organize the member manufacturer which serves under somebody's banner to come Hangzhou purchase handset. Has inland IPO like the LG China international purchase center, the wheat Gurner Donnelly Asia purchase center, plans and so on Japanese Fujitsu international purchase center to take along the newest purchase detailed list to come Hangzhou. Congress in exhibition period for the scene exhibition business creation ¡°one-to-one¡± business docking opportunity. is the everywhere electrical machinery electronics industry professional understood that 2008 Chinese Hangzhou electronic information exposition (eif'08) is most convenient, is authoritative, the most direct effective window. In order to cause customer inquire deeply this exhibition, this website provides the daily 8 hour guests to take the online interactive service, for the circumvention world time difference the question, the better service people overseas, strengthens the eif international characteristic, in the evening (20:00-24:00) the guest takes is also the clear. Welcome your online consultation exhibition details! 

We will create the opportunity diligently for you, believed that you meet the trip has not been made in vain surely. 

This exhibition participation registration deadline: on July 30, 2008

This exhibition specialized buyer pre-debarkation closing date: on August 20, 2008

Asks respectfully to grasp the final registration opportunity!

Exhibition Responsible unit: Jin Zhan (Hangzhou) the conference displays the Limited company






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