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The outstanding core micro electron promotes P MOSFET to integrate Short base product RCRH010FA/RCRH003FB
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  Outstanding core micro electron (Innova-Semi) promotes P MOSFET to integrate Short base product RCRH010FA and RCRH003FB. The P trench enlargement mode field effect tube uses the high density DMOS technique of production, has the extremely low breakover resistance, and in lowered still might open normally to under the 1.8V grid bias. The coordinate use's Short base chip uses the LowVF craft, simultaneously has the extremely good reverse leakage characteristic. 

These two model of product main application in charging circuit, DC/DC switch and LED control circuit. Entire component when forward breakover has the very low forward voltage drop, not only satisfies uses the USB connection to carry on the charge the request, simultaneously has the extremely low wattage dissipation, the promotion overall system's energy efficiency. 

These two model of products have widely applied in the handset charging circuit part, is mainly suitable for based on the MTK platform, the ADI platform, the Spreadtrum platform as well as the part TI platform and in the Infineon platform plan. 

The power source management component controls the charging current through the signal grid voltage, the Short base diode may prevent the electric current to flow in backward. RCRH010FA uses DFN32 the seal (, RCRH0003FB to use DFN22 seals (, compares the similar products, has the following superiority: 

Has used a thinner seal, is suitable in the be ultra-thin type design; 

Increased the radiator fin in the component abdomen, promotes the component fixed power loss and radiation ability largely, prevents the PCB pyrolytic damage, the promotion complete machine security.

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