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Guangdong supplies port Olympic Games food for the first time in China using the GPS electronic lock supervision
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  On July 18, National Quality testing Bureau Food Bureau Chief Wang Daning and Guangdong Examination Quarantine Bureau Chief Li Yanhui, first batch starts the GPS electronic lock together for Guangdong for port Olympic Games food. Not only this is China to exports the agricultural product, food to use the GPS electronic lock for the first time, symbolizes that Guangdong takes the lead in the nation to realize to expends link's entire process non-slit supervision from the planter source.

Reporter in the scene saw that first batch supplies port Olympic Games food using the GPS electronic lock supervision system is the green goods. In the morning 8.30 points, the Dongguan examination quarantine personnel after were examining ahead of time and the scene jail installed qualified for the compartment have installed the GPS electronic lock, and pasted on seals the knowledge, the vehicles embarks from the Dongguan fruits and vegetables market, immediately, the examination quarantine personnel through GPS the global positioning system, realized the entire journey monitoring, the system momentarily feed in delivery cargo vehicles information and so on travel route, speed. About 10:15 am, the cargo arrives at Shenzhen man kam to port smoothly, checks in the GPS electronic lock the loading cargo and trades the card after information and so on number the smooth entry after the examination quarantine personnel to supply the port.

It is reported that the GPS electronic lock is the National Quality testing Bureau, the food safe bureau, Shanghai unites the electronic monitoring tool which the company researches and develops together. It fused RF (short distance radio communication), the GPS localization, the GPRS automatic correspondence function, through with the cargo, the container information carries on binding, realizes to the cargo, container's entire process supervision. This system has from the source the characteristic which and may trace to the destination entire journey monitoring, thus Yan Dutao examines, the omission related gap, reduces the port entry the pressure, reduces the examination quarantine entry large scale the social comprehensive cost.

Beijing Olympic Games approach day by day, Hong Kong is Beijing Olympic Games horse-riding competition divides the athletic field, the Guangdong Examination Quarantine Bureau is undertaking inland majority of foods and the bright commodity supplies Hong Kong's examination quarantine supervision.

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