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Securities Supervisory Association strengthens the new stock release verification to set up the electronic question to investigate
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  Was originally scheduled for on July 8 to go on the market sets up the electron (002257) (002257) still to accept the Chinese Securities Supervisory Association's investigation at present once more, the Chinese Securities Supervisory Association concerned people in charge accepted reporter the other day time the interview expressed. He also pointed out that by sets up the electronic initiation to the new stock release verification question, urges Securities Supervisory Association to further strengthen the related verification. 
Sets up the electronic going on the market slam on the brakes    

Ningbo sets up the electronic company to attract attention is at first because it has two status special shareholders, before one is Yi Fangda the fund company, vice-total concurrently Chief Investment Officer Jiang Zuo the good wife; Another is also this company's fund manager. According to sets up the electronic 21.81 Yuan wholesale prices, Jiang Zuo the good wife sale price passed through hundred million.     
Their for what reason carries on this kind of investment several years ago? Draws wire the exhausted bamboo shoots after the media, discovered finally sets up the electron and Zhejiang University Hiner (presently S*ST Hiner (quotation forum information), 000925) between story. The related report pointed out that sets up electron Gao Guan, the technical backbone to be a suspect the original Zhejiang University Hiner's in semiconductor service high quality property implementation]Organizes ", ^the shift ̄, and sets up electronic IPO the way to realize " two going on the market ". Regarding this, the law circle public figure appeals to the management intensely, should stop setting up the electron the IPO advancement, and carries on the investigation to its going on the market qualifications.     

All sorts of questions caused the management to take seriously finally, was setting up the electronic going on the market eve, made finally by the guaranteeing and recommending person carries on to it investigates, postpones going on the market once again the decision.    

Will strengthen the market restraint function   
The Securities Supervisory Association Department concerned people in charge indicated explicitly during the interview the other day that to the media questioned sets up the electron some questions, in the Securities Supervisory Association IPO verification's process, already gave the key attention. At present according to the market response, Securities Supervisory Association carries on the investigation once more to it, and still in investigation.   
It is reported that before this, sets up the electron in the pre-disclosure stage, already to its some properties, the service and personnel's relations disclosed quite fully, in after that Securities Supervisory Association review process, also requested its related organization and the litigant writes up the written observation, and makes the disclosure in detail in the stock offering instruction booklet which June 18 published. In view of the media question, Securities Supervisory Association already requested the related organization and the related department at present the question which questioned on the media carries on investigates once more.    

This person in charge indicated that by sets up the electronic initiation to the new stock release verification in the question, in fact is the key point which Securities Supervisory Association has paid attention. Sets up the electronic question the occurrence, also urges Securities Supervisory Association to further make the consummation to the pre-disclosure system, from the second half of this year, is ahead of time suitably again to the pre-disclosure time, mentioned that the Securities Supervisory Association feedback opinion the reply stage, strengthens the market aspects the restraint function, the strengthened related verification.

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