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The cutting tool mold profession's electronic commerce upsurge is coming soon
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  ¡°the mold profession's marketing competition marches into the routinization from gradualness, and from domestic extends international, will present the significant transition in the international trade.¡±An expert will point out in the future our country mold profession trend of development in 08 year international mold technology and at the equipment exhibition.   

At present, our country has 20,000 mold enterprises, along with the competition aggravating, the enterprise needs to break through the inherent sales chain link, seeks for the new opportunity. The informationization and electronic commerce are changing the mold industry quietly, even is changing the mold enterprise to be used to has the thought. The other day held ¡°the mold profession small and medium-sized enterprise electronic commerce application actual combat¡± from the exposition at the forum to find that same time, the mold enterprise will obtain the order form using the electronic commerce hastens the potential greatly, made the promotion using the website, to construct the shop, on IM to discuss that business will be the mold enterprise's electronic commerce point of application. This kind of low cost, the fast dissemination and highly effective electronic commerce become the electronic commerce and the mold profession close combining site.   

Presently, the mold enterprise to applied the electronic commerce to exist ¡°has constructed the website, must the high expense promotion¡±, ¡°not be able to find the appropriate marketing way¡±, ¡°to use the network to be able to draw on the foreign trade business¡± and so on erroneous zones.   

Therefore, has the organizer ad hoc decided ¡°the small and medium-sized enterprise surfer project significance¡±, ¡°electronic commerce boost foreign trade business¡±, ¡°how through the network gain order form¡± and so on related topic, and how to carry on the thorough analysis to the mold profession using the electronic commerce, the system explained the small and medium-sized enterprise how to invest the smallest cost to obtain the best effect, how to choose suits own search, how to choose suits own profession website, thus promoted the small and medium-sized enterprise informationization construction and the electronic commerce application, helped more enterprises to apply the electronic commerce effectively.

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