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The electronic electrical appliances class product sues many
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  The other day, reporter from the Nankai area Consumer Association learned that this year January to June, the area consumer association full display function, maintains the consumer rights and interests, the reception comes visiting and consults 2400 people; Puts on record 88, settles a lawsuit 88, the resolving cases is 100%; Altogether recalls the economic loss 62036 Yuan for the consumer.   
The statistics revealed that in the first half of this year the domestic electric appliances, the electron class product suit are most, accounts for 35.2% which sues completely.  

Area consumer association related comrade in charge introduced that at present the domestic electric appliances, the electron class product suit mainly by electrically operated digital products and so on bicycle, mp3, mp4 primarily, has this kind of situation the primary cause is because the present our country serves the policy-making relative lag about emerging electronic electric appliance class product's Bao Bao, various factories use the standard is various, this brings certain difficulty for the consumer Uygur power. The area consumer association reminds the consumer when purchases this kind of product to pay attention to the preservation purchase invoice, and lets the business ¡°the oral pledge¡± turn ¡°the writing as far as possible to pledge¡±, after having the expense dispute, should through the regular channel seek help, guarantee as soon as possible own legitimate rights and interests are not violated.

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