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The Olympic Games food monitoring electronic eye checks strictly
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  Yesterday 12:10, in Olympic Games core regions and so on athlete village, host media center, went to eat the crowd to be continuous, the latter kitchen's staff were also bustling about carry on food later period to manufacture and to sell. But all these, may through be located in Western city's Beijing Olympic Games facility public health safeguard control center control room large screen display. Yesterday, reporter visited this Control center, has opened Beijing Olympic Games food security í░always controlled Taiwaní▒ the mystical veil for the reader. 

On the control center control room's large screen, was demonstrating 16 standard small screens, in each standard screen demonstrate are in the Olympic Games core area the food sanitation safety control critical position, after like, the kitchen rinsing table, the freezer, food sell, to lead the dining table and so on. Through monitors the indoor control bench the operation, installs the camera may revolve at will in the facility 360 degrees, and according to needs to stretch the focal distance, as big after entire the kitchen or sells Taiwan's panoram, slightly to sells the personnel whether to have the meal variety which, the washing-up sink in the glove, the dining table provided and so on to be able to look clear. 

Will monitor one of people in charge, Beijing sanitary supervision institute Tian Jianxin to tell reporter, the Olympic Games dining operation processing 30 key positions will install the camera. These key positions, including the Olympic Village in athlete village, the host media center, collect core areas and so on garden apartment, as well as some deliver meal enterprise's operation. At present, in the core area's 12 cameras have installed finish. 

Besides the dining long-distance video frequency supervisory system, this Olympic Games medical support has also introduced the water quality examination early warning system and the indoor air quality real-time online supervisory system. It is reported that the signing hotel and in the competition facility will install 192 indoor air quality monitoring point, at present the Olympic Games facility already completely installed finishes. Reporter saw that on the monitoring center's computer screen may demonstrate immediately these install in various facilities the air and the water quality situation test point each monitor data. Once the data surpasses the normal value, the black data demonstration line, will turn the yellow immediately originally, and will exude Di Di's warning sound, the reminder vision control supervisors.

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