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European Union produces the electronic massage machine to China to send out the consumer to warn
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  on July 11, 2008, the EU commission non-food class fast early warning system (RAPEX) produces " CrazyFitMassage to China " the electron massage machine to send out the consumer to warn. This case passes serves the country for France. This circular's design/model is CFM-005, RC01; This massage machine may load-bearing 50kg, the packing box size for 1.10mí┴0.80mí┴0.25m.  
Because installs on this massage machine electron screen the transformer does not conform to the IEC61558-2-6 stipulation, particularly between a winding and two windings actual crawls the electricity to be away from (3.4mm), is lower than European Union's related standard far (6mm), and the user is extremely easy to touch two times the winding, has sends it by the electric shock danger; At the same time, this electronic screen low voltage terminal turns to crawl the electricity to be away from does not conform to the stipulation, the main voltage terminal turns the diameter (3.2mm) is smaller than European Union's compulsion standard (5mm). This product does not conform to European Union's related standard EN60335.  
At present, France Department responsible for the work issued an order to forbid to sell this commodity and to withdraw it the market and recalls. 

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