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Electronic commerce and the insurance marketing unify perfectly
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  Electronic commerce the influence which brings to national economy each department appears day by day comes out, from the economically advanced country to the developing country, from the Institute for international economics to various countries' government, from the Business to the consumer, is involved to in the shock-wave which produces by the electronic commerce, develops the electronic commerce to become one vigorously not take person's will as the shift general trend. And, sets up the enterprise marketing website is the typical electronic marketing. This material's content includes: Electronic commerce's definition, electronic commerce the influence which will produce to the social economy, the electronic commerce application, how to develop the electronic marketing, electronic commerce has which characteristics, electronic commerce to the insurance business the influence, electronic commerce has which application function, how to develop the electronic marketing, electronic commerce produces with the development condition and so on.  

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