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UK flies the special electron to glisten is taken to the threshing ground 2008 Shanghai international LED, to shine
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  ¡°Shanghai international LED, the luminophor and the urban energy conservation lighting techniques equipment exposition¡± and ¡°Shanghai Guang Yinzhan¡± is held same time once more from July 2nd, 2008 to 5th in the Shanghai Pudong new international reading extensively center. This will be global LED, the neon light and urban energy conservation lighting techniques profession biggest exhibitions one, display area more than 20000 square meters, more than 1200 standard locations. Entire exhibition area 150,000 square meters, more than 6000 standard locations. The unprecedented scale, the influence spreads the world. ¡°Shanghai international LED, the luminophor and the urban energy conservation lighting techniques equipment exposition¡± specialized, the internationalization and the brand operation way, the advancement service innovation, collects from the domestic and foreign manufacturers, the seller and the distributor, provides purchase resources for the luminophor and the illumination field's professional the platform.  

As a global leading LED power source and AC-DC the power source adaptive manufacturer, UK flies the special electron (Hangzhou) the Limited company (the location number: E3 hall C209) to came from the world's the visitor at the exhibition to demonstrate our outstanding product. 
Our high efficiency LED power source's output scope between 10 ~ 200 tiles, their outstanding feature is as follows: The superelevation efficiency (reaches as high as 95%), the high power factor (0.99), the excessively warm protection and the temperature compensation, conform to the IP67 waterproofing rank, has both the anti-radar design (IEC-61000-4-5 Class 4), conforms to whole world An Gui and the electromagnetic compatibility standard, but widely uses in the LED street light and the tunnel.  

Between our 90 ~ 300 W AC-DC power source adapters in the 110V exchange input, the 12V direct-current output as well as the full load situation the efficiency may reach 92%, compares the field similar products, the power loss reduces approximately 20% ~ 40%, the external dimensions also reduced 20% ~ 40%, each protection function is perfect, including overvoltage protection, overflow protection, short circuit protection, warm protection and so on. All series's product completely achieves the profession international standard in An Gui and the electromagnetic compatibility performance aspect, satisfies the newest California energy request standard in the energy consumption aspect, but widely applies in domains and so on computer, consumption product, communication product. 
Our customer from many different countries, including India, Ukraine, Australia, Egypt, Lithuania, Russia, Singapore, Philippines, Scotland, US, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada, Germany and so on. They expressed the hope to fly in abundance with UK establish the cooperation especially as soon as possible the strong aspiration. 
The warmly welcome general customers come the electricity incoming letter to deign to inquire the cooperation matters concerned, simultaneously we will be glad for you to measure body ordering most to suit your power source product. UK will fly the especially remarkable new technology to provide the most new style LED Chinese Journal of Power Sources solution for the world's the buyer, believed that our city the night scene the LED lamp which will dazzle will be dressed up gorgeously, the life can therefore be happier!

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