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The global expense class electronic products income in 2009 reaches 700,000,000,000 US
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  The US expends class electronic association president (CEA) the concurrently chief executive officer to cover Switzerland? Xia Peiluo held í░2008 Chinese international expense electron expositioní▒ on to disclose the other day that estimated to 2009, the global expense class electronic products' income will increase the nearly 10 percentage points, amounts to 700,000,000,000 US dollars.  

Ge Rui? Xia Peiluo said that compared with 2008, consumer next year in the expense class electronic products tectonic plate's consumer buying power will increase above 42,000,000,000 US dollars. Is quick in the economic growth and emerges large quantities of middle classes the country, looks like Brazil, Russia, India and China, will eagerly anticipate the expense electronic products the growth. It is estimated that to 2009, China's electronic products consumer buying power will leap to the world third, accounts for 15%, is only inferior in occupies 22% North America area and occupies 16% Western Europe.  

It is known that estimated that in 2008 the whole world liquid crystal's income will climb largely nearly 28%, sets the record of 100,000,000 above sales successes. But panel TV's sale (including liquid crystal and plasma television) will occupy whole world electronic products total sales volume nearly 20% many, in 2008 estimates the sales volume approximately 127,000,000, but mechanical games' sales volume will also increase sharply to 89,000,000. These had further indicated the consumer purchases the electronic products the goal, that is the hope enjoys the entertainment and the leisure together with the family member and the friend.

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