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Eastern homeland development electronic commerce service
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]

on July 11, 2008 the Eastern homeland network marketing cooperation supplier congress comes Guang Yingdian in the Eastern homeland to convene grandly.

At the meeting, the Eastern homeland announced that the investment founds the Eastern homeland network information company, the development electronic commerce service - - homeland network. The homeland network group buys the service platform ( is an Eastern homeland item of brand-new b2c service pattern. This service take the electronic commerce as a core, uses the homeland fully the brand prestige conformity service resources, cooperates directly with the supplier, simplifies all nonessential middle link, provides the price preferential benefit, the service for the consumer to feel relieved that directly, the quality satisfied lives at the building materials commodity.

Purchase center vice-president Mr. Xin Yihua introduced: The Eastern homeland network company develops that electronic commerce is the establishment, in the Eastern homeland decoration repair building materials live at the chain store core business above the foundation, uses the Internet technological means fully the specialized electronic commerce platform. Regarding entire building materials supply of commodities chain system, the Eastern homeland electronic commerce has developed b2b, b2c is the main body electronic commerce network model, provides the online exchanges and the information service for the supplier and the terminal customer.


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