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Eastern electron: Two city floor price Olympic Games science and technology main item
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  The trend which on Thursday the bulk lots in the turnover continues in situation which withers once more to appear flushes high recedes, market human spirit murky, today announces CPI, the PPI data completely tallies anticipated, although PPI reaches as high as 8.8% to set the record of new high, but CPI is only 7.1%, had compared to the last month recedes, explained that national the macroeconomic regulation and control already made the tangible progress, but market after continual lowering has the technical bounce request, the latter city bulk lots stopped fall stand firmly are just round the corner.  

The Eastern electron (000682) company is our country power distribution automation Leading enterprise, its electric power dispatch automated system, the protection and the transformer substation synthesis automated system, products and so on power distribution automated system have the international advanced standard, the domestic monopoly superiority is obvious. Passed the European Union CE authentication face the international market development's DF3223B current protection, becomes domestic protection product first through the international CE authentication factory, the company while does makes the strong principal work also to correspond greatly with South Korean second big handset manufacturer world Yuan the cooperation, the high beginning enters the handset profession. Both sides cooperate not only in the handset manufacture aspect, in the research and development, in middle-grade, the low-grade product aspect provides the handset platform and the comprehensive solution more importantly to the domestic handset manufacturer, moreover, the company is selected Beijing Aoti center power distribution automation master station system. This system is possesses the power distribution terminal device which, the long-distance closed circuit TV for the monitor serves for Beijing Olympic Games and so on, the North China electrical network Hebei Chengde 4 collections controls in the station tender to be selected completely, but is also selected continuously the Shanghai Chenjia Town, the Inner Mongolia Chifeng Osaka transformer substation computer supervisory system. , The company was also thereafter successful in Beijing market is selected 4 sets to match the net master station project, the company already some 6 sets matched the net system in Beijing market, the percentage of surpasses 50%. This increases an investment luminescent spot without doubt for the investor.  

In the secondary market, the Eastern electron (000682) takes one to have the Olympic Games theme to dive the shares given for service instead of investment, on Wednesday the turnover obvious enlargement, in the plate the great fund enters and is stationed in the sign to be obvious, the latter city accelerates to rise hopefully.   

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