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The CEF Xi'an electron exhibition wins the important force support even more powerful
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  Has í░the Chinese electron first big exhibitioní▒ the name CEF China electron exhibition recently to announce in Beijing high-sounding talk that will pull open curtain's CEF Xi'an exhibition from August 28th, 2008 to 30th in the Qujiang convention center, the other day obtained the Shanxi Province national defense science and industry committee, as well as national military electron primary device adequate and systematic service center's support with all one's strength, simultaneously, the Shanxi Province information industries hall will take this exhibition's Organizing unit to present for the first time. Three profession important unit's support vigorously will strengthen further CEF Xi'an exhibition exchanges the platform function and the significance face the industry and the war industry electronic technology, earnestly CEF Xi'an exhibition making for military and civilian dual purpose profession exhibition, advancement national defense electronics industry positive health development. 
The Shanxi Xi'an was the western big development bridgehead, Shanxi leaps to national first war industry big province, the national defense electronics industry by the Shanxi Province provincial party committee, the provincial government was already listed as one of Shanxi Xisi big superiority industries. Shanxi national defense war industry system science and technology comprehensive strength, including nuclear industry, aviation, astronautics, weapon, ships and place war industry 200 Enterprises and institutions, Production enterprise 61, research institute 27, each kind of technical personnel nearly 100,000 people, have each kind of electron test equipment more than 100,000 Taiwan, has formed our country important defense industry scientific research, the design, the experiment, the production base basically.  

The Chinese electron exhibition has moved into Xi'an for the first time since following 2007, the CEF brand and the influence can in the China broad western area preliminary establishment, surpass 10,000 from astronautics aviation, the ordnance, the electron, the ships, the nuclear industry, as well as unit's and so on place university, research institute research and development, the purchase, the commodity responsible people arrive, the scene response is warm. from August 28th, 2008 to 30th, the CEF Xi'an electron exhibition moves into the Qujiang convention center once more, three big important profession strength's support is lets CEF even more powerful, the new exhibition will certainly to bring more new products and new technical appearing on the market, promotes the mid-west area industry and the war industry electron further exchange. Please land: Distribution equipment net browsing more information 

ST (Italian law semiconductor) will take along its new product with the Anjielun science and technology to present on the CEF Xi'an exhibition.  

ST (Italian law semiconductor) STM32 micro controller  
ARM Cortex-M3 essence's 32 dodge saves the micro controller, has the Gaoji to become, the high performance, the low power loss, the low cost superiority, the highest 72MHz basic frequency coordinates the Thumb-2 set of instructions to have the higher running rate and the code density compared to ARM7. Simultaneously has the rich exterior resources, from 36 to 144 pins, may supply the choice 6K to 64K SRAM,32K to the 512K FLASH entire series several dozens models. The STM32 enlargement mode very suitable motor control application, like three-phase not to brush the electrical machinery, the cocurrent to have brushes the electrical machinery and step-by-steps the electrical machinery and so on. The ST STM3210B-MCKIT electrical machinery development suite, provides the free motor control software support exchange asynchronous machine (belt sensor) as well as the PMSM electrical machinery (does not have sensor, the Hall sensor or orthogonal encoder) the vector control.

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