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606 enterprises entered the electron to supervise the pipe network resident to be possible to trace food source
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  After the advantage group commercial building, the Uygur guest commercial building install two foods inquire the terminal, from this month starts, good markets as well as the urban district main agricultural market fair and so on world guest, wheat triumphant music, Carefour will also provide food to inquire the terminal, so long as scans on the product packaging the supervision code, product each kind of information may be clear at a glance. Reporter learned today from the city quality monitoring department that up to present, whole city signing enters net's first batch enterprise to achieve 606, starts from this month, food and so on 69 products í░will holdí▒ supervision code going on the market, the resident when daily necessities and so on purchase food may sweep the code to distinguish true and false, to did not feel relieved that food carries on the source backward.  

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