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Ministry of Finance issues 30,000,000,000 electronic national debts, the interest rate 5.74%
[Add date:2008/7/22 ]
  Ministry of Finance issued yesterday announced that from May 16 will distribute in 2008 to May 31 the first issue of electronic formula deposit national debt. It is known that the electronic national debt is Ministry of Finance distributes face the domestic Chinese citizens, cannot go on the market the circulation Renminbi bond by the electronic way record creditor's rights' one kind. This issue national debt is the fixed rate fixed deadline national debt, the deadline 3 years, the face value annual interest rate is 5.74%, the maximum emission amount is 30,000,000,000 Yuan. In case distributes in the time People's Bank of China to adjust the same deadline financial organ deposit interest rate, this issue national debt from controls one's breathing the date to stop the release. Announced according to Ministry of Finance that this issue national debt begins to accrue interest from May 16, 2008, pays interests yearly, the every year May 16 day-to-day expenses pay interest, on May 16, 2011 repays the capital and pays the last interest.  

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