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 ,European Union produces the electronic massage machine to China to send out the ...     2008/7/22
 ,The Olympic Games food monitoring electronic eye checks strictly...     2008/7/22
 ,The global semiconductor stock still stayed at a high level...     2008/7/22
 ,The electronic electrical appliances class product sues many...     2008/7/22
 ,The cutting tool mold profession's electronic commerce upsurge is coming soon...     2008/7/22
 ,American second big spring company MWI purchases the RAF electron hardware...     2008/7/22
 ,In the first half of this year the electronic products export 160,700,000,000 US...     2008/7/22
 ,Securities Supervisory Association strengthens the new stock release verificatio...     2008/7/22
 ,South day information: The achievement increases in financial electron main item...     2008/7/22
 ,Guangdong supplies port Olympic Games food for the first time in China using the...     2008/7/22
 ,The outstanding core micro electron promotes P MOSFET to integrate Short base pr...     2008/7/22
 ,The Hangzhou electronic information exhibition stall number rises dramatically f...     2008/7/22
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